There are at least five artists named Zion. 1. The most popularly scrobbled Zion is a reggaeton artist/singer, of the reggaeton duo Zion y Lennox. Felix G. Ortiz-Torrez, professionally known as Zion (of Reggaeton group Zion y Lennox) is world renowned for romantic lyrics and a melodic sound that flows fluidly over Reggaeton rhythms. As part of the duo Zion y Lennox, he released a number of hit singles, including “Yo Voy,” and earned a gold plaque for their 2004 release, Motivando A La Yal. In addition to making hits of his own, Zion has been featured on some of Reggaeton's most important records including Los Cocorocos, Luny Tunes’ Mas Flow, Don Omar’s King of Kings, Hector El Father’s Rompe Discotecas and many more. Now it’s time for the vocalist to step out as a solo artist with his highly-anticipated debut, The Perfect Melody in stores June 5, 2007. Zion started his artistic career as a boy in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Young Felix would travel back and forth to visit and live with his family in the Bronx from time to time, but wasn’t taking music seriously as a career yet. It wasn’t until he began receiving constant praise from friends and family members encouraging him to pursue singing for real, that he decided to get focused. He worked with a couple of local producers and artists in P.R., grinded hard in the streets and eventually teamed up with Lennox. The rest Zion says, "his, how you say, history!” 2. Zion (also known as Zumbi) is also the solo artist name of the MC from the world famous underground rap group Zion I fame from Oakland California. Zumbi became fascinated by Hip Hop in its early stages; songs like "The Breaks" by Kurtis Blow and "Rock Box" by Run-D.M.C. got him hooked on the budding culture. He has said that Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest gave him lyrical inspiration, originally feeling that his unique vocal tone and style wouldn't be accepted. Zumbi wrote his first rhyme around 1990 during one of his Social Studies classes in High School. After continuing his writing, he gained the confidence to start rapping in local ciphers and began learning about critical aspects of rapping, like breath control, cadences and rhyme patterns. 3. Zion was a reggae band fronted by Carlton Pride, son of country music legend Charley Pride. Originally known as One, the name was changed to Zion in 1996. That same year Zion released the album Reggae Rock Down and headlined the Bob Marley Festival. They would continue to headline the Bob Marley Festival until 2003. The band has since undergone another name change and is now known as Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion. 4. Zion is also the solo project of Crossover's vocalist 5. Zion was also an early Christian metal band, formed in 1981. Official site: http://www.zionrocks.org/ . Read More »

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