simon webbe » Sanctuary » Lay Your Hands

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Sometimes life can be a burden

Trine stay one step ahead

I feel the world upon my shoulder each time

I'm standing out on the edge

And my hopes have all deserted me

Like they washed away in the sand

And it's hurting my pride

Trine survive

But i know i stand a chance

When you lay your hands

Oh yeah

`Caus it's the only thing I have that still makes sense


(Oh baby, when I`m calling out)

Give me love and affection,

Keep telling me, show me the way.

(Oh, if you see me falling down)

Lift me up from the shadows

Will you take me away to a better place?

(And when I`m in my darkest hour)

You`re by my side, to turn the tide,

Until the suffering fades.

When life is getting me down,

Getting me down, i`m close to defeat,

Come and lay ur hands on me.

Feel this road is getting longer now

And i`m too far away from home

Still I gotta keep on moving on

But I can`t do it on my own

Baby keep my head above water

Help me swim for my life

`Coz the game is getting harder

The strain is gettin stronger

And I can only face the fight

When you lay your hands

Oh yeah

`Coz it`s the only thing I have that still makes sense


`Til I`m healed again,

Rediscovered my strengths,

Those bitter blues are gone...

Oh, gone...


Come and lay your hands on me.

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