ronan keating » Ronan » Brighter Days

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I've done a lot of

Living in my life

Chased my share of

Rainbows in the sky

Before I stopped to

Ask the question why

I've fallen out of love

Too many times

But now I see

The possibilities

Oh how my life could be


From any other love

I'd walk away

Love is temporary

I would say

Now each night I

Find a reason to stay

With you there's

Always brighter days

I've broken a heart

A heart or two

I've let the curtain fall

I guess, it's true

The thought of

Something borrowed

Something blue

Was something that

I never could pursue

But now you're here

My doubt has disappeared

The clouds are gone

It's clear

[Repeat chorus]

Even on the coolest nights

Even when the

Sun won't shine

It's sweeter in

The morning time

Just knowing that

You're there

[Repeat chorus]

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