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Everything's broken But nothing really needs to be fixed Everything I always say I always contradict Don't keep pushing me Don't keep eggin' me on I know you love me, baby But I don't want to know how 'Cause I want to be free But there's still things I need And I want to be free, oh, baby Why's it so hard to understand me I speak clearly Just give me what I need Oh, oh, no, no Just give me what I need Oh, yeah, oh I'm tired of strangers always comin' 'round I'm tired of all these favours Cause I don’t know what they're about I've gotta get away, oh From these conditions Why can't I just love myself enough? Instead of looking outside For what I should have inside I wanna live in a world with No mirrors, no sizes, no consequence and no prizes No past, no future, no ages, no losers No hate, no desire, no fate All these shackles that I tied myself down with They're weighing me down I wanna fly away, fly away from here, so far Just give me wings Oh, God, why's it so hard, to be free? And I just wanna Just wanna be free And I wish I wish I didn't depend on your love I wish I loved myself enough Somebody once told me "You can't take nothing, nothing but your deeds" I’m not proud of most of mine That I still have a long way to find And I'm going down that road so fast I wanna be free, yeah, just Just give me a ticket, baby Oh, it's what I need Take it all away from me I wanna be, I wanna be free Oh, oh, oh And what if I gave up all those things that I need That I think make me who I am Why, yeah, oh I'm so much love to give We're all killing ourselves for And you were late, you were late Would someone help me please? Will someone help me, help me? And I wanna be free, free, yeah Oh, yeah, just give me what I need I wanna be free

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