jason mraz » Tonight Not Again / Live At The Eagles Ballroom » Not So Usual

This is the most, unusual story, of the most unusual girl.
She's the paint in the picture, of a most unusual world.
She can crawl out of frame while she's hangin' on the wall.
And she's callin' my name. She's not so usual.
Oh no. She's not so usual. Oh no.
She's mostly a ghost (the way she watches over me).
She complains when I smoke but then would do the same to me.
She's controling my brain activity, (knowing when I go to sleep).
She's gonna catch me when I'm fallin' hard. She's the most unusual.
I know. She's not so usual.
I know she's not so usual.
Oh no. She's not so usual.
She's not so hooked on the drums like I thought that she was.
And never suckin' on the lime, and hardly sipping on the wine.
And despite of her bipolar rollercoastering.
I think I can trust she'll keep me singing differently.
And it's fine cause she's with me now, most all of the time.
Trying to saving my life, thinking none of her own.
And always kissing me goodnight, when I just need to be alone.
She's so sweet. So discrete.
She's exactly what I need now not even make believe.
She's not so usual.
She's not so u.
I said she's not so, not so usual, u.
But she's not too practical neither babe.
I said she's not so, not so mystical.
Not too magical either cause she say so.
Not so out of control, and not so into the phone.
She's not so USUAL! She's a natural. She's not so usual.
Oh oh! Oh oh! All she wants to do is sold...
She's not so u.
She's not u.
Not so new!

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