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For the longest time

It's been on my mind

Was trying to understand

I've been looking for

That part of me

Out of touch and out of hand

Everything I thought I knew

Love proved me wrong

For all the times that I held on

I shouldn've let go


Cause when you find the one you'll know

She's the heart inside your soul

She's the one that looks at you and gives

The feeling you've come home

There's a place it all begins

Where together never ends

And the more we are the more we

Feel the same

One true flame

All the foolish games

That we have to play

To learn from our mistakes

We go on n'on

We convince ourselves

That this is what it takes

But nothing's really what it seems

And no one really knows

It's only now that I can see

And realize


Oh you're everything, that I ever dreamed

But never had 'til now

Looking back I see It was ment to be

It was you that showed me how

Thought I've been loved before

But I wasn't even close

[Chorus x2]

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