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This shit is not a fuckin game

[Chorus x2]

Pac man, y'all niggas know my name

It'll take a quarter key to survive in my game

They call me Pac man, and ain't a damn thing change

Even though I got signed I'ma still slang thangs

[Verse 1]

Ay yo I cop power pellets (and y'all call 'em bricks)

I make little dots (and y'all chop rocks to flip)

Before junior, they had me out on a chase

Running from these ghost monsters y'all calling the jakes

All I do is stack loot

Run around and eat fruit

And harass these lady cops named Pinky and Sue

My whole life been a maze in a chase

Can't keep still without these monsters on my back invadin my space

I got two hitmen that'll bury U brothers

They rule the underworld

U know'em as the Mario brothers

Straight cannons

And won't hesitate to shoot U

And they stay goin to war wit that latin King Koopa

I got a worker named Frogger

When I say jump he leap

A highway boy who be runin the streets

Wit that package

Dodgin through traffic that's narrow

And my nigga Donkey Kong bringin weed in by the barrels

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 Missing Verse]

I take over blocks section by section

Shake under cover cops and make 'em change direction

They best bet is to relax and chill

Sonic couldn't catch me I'm good at track and field

I might run up in your spot

When I'm runnin' from the cops

Sling work a Dime a dot

A hundred a rock

I give out cooked

Yeah But I only get raw

And I keep a nice stash in case I have a Pitfall

I got a worker named turtle that be movin my snow

He bring strait dough

He just move it too slow

I don't fuck with them crabs I had to blast those boys

I caught them breakin down my rocks like asteroids

Met ms. pac told she could go on a mission

But first she got to let me put in pole position

I wish I woulda knew then what I now know sooner

Cause 10 towns later here come pac Jr.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

I got drugs for every race, color, and creed

I sling mushrooms to white boys in club Centipede

Donkey Kong was gettin money from slinging weed

I don't know why he wanna start a pie factory

We can be partners

That's murda, us connecting

Wit the right blow

And Burger Time doing the cheffin

We can get doe

Can't let the cops catch us

And if it move slow (still stack blocks like tetris)

Whoever don't wanna get down, they stupid

Not the one to jump around these blocks like Q-bit

Ain't nobody out there making no noise

Wit they own route but that nigga Paper Boy

We can take his stuff

He ain't tough he a nut

He always letting Dig Dug pump em up

I pull a plug on 'em niggas if they don't wanna set it

Game over niggas, I'll see you next credit

[Chorus x2]

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