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officially shit Officially shit is a tag used for music that is super bad in the tagger's opinion. "Officially shit" began life as the idea of a group, tagging any artists they considered shallow and/or bland. The reason being is that Last fm used to have a different algorithm where you could just have tags show up on the main profile of an artist by the sheer number of tags. So, a huge number of people tagged crappy artists with "Officially Shit". The more taggers, the bigger the tag used to appear on their profile. The idea being to make Officially Shit as large as possible and, in some circumstances, the most dominant tag on the artist. As a response to such tags, moderators changed how the tagging system work, requiring taggers to listen to the artists to have their tags carry more weight. At the same time, fans of music deemed "Officially Shit" backlashed against the group, tagging top artists in key members profiles as "Officially Shit". But obviously they're now at the top because many people just removed the old ones since nobody has been into the whole officially shit thing for years. it was like, early 2006. These days, with the power of tags lacking the power they once had, Officially Shit is a tag used for more personal reasons to point out dismay and many members of the group have since formed some kind of Dada movement. For more information on the history of; take a visit to your local library.