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hell yeah Hell Yeah is the closest one will come to embodying raw audio-fireworks in words. Spanning multiple genres (apparently), "Hell Yeah" is defined by it's listener - it is the music or song that numbs you on the outside and burns like an industrial refinery on one's insides. More likely than not, it's the song you turn up to eleven when you pull up to a hot spot, a statement that says to those close enough to be graced by it, "yeah, this song kicked your ass and you KNOW I have a million others", even though a "Hell Yeah" song may be the only one of it's kind - from one-hit-wonders to classic anthems - these songs will blow your mind on all fronts, essentially erasing all vital information and arresting one's complete attention - so that all focus is poured into the song and the only words left in one's vocabulary are HELL. YEAH.